If you are interested in enrolling your pet or want to know more about our services, please fill in your information above and click “Enroll”.  
Interested in day school but can’t make the drive?  Lucky Come Learn offers pick up and drop off to your home in the Big Blue Bus! For an additional fee, your pet rides along with his or her pals to and from school with our friendly bus driver.  Click here to learn more.  

Leaving your pet someplace besides home is a stressful prospect for many pet owners, as well as for the pets themselves.  We seek to make our boarding facility a home away from home for your pet.  We offer 24 hour supervision for the pets in our care.  Pet professionals spend the night in our attached apartment to ensure that your dog is safe and comfortable throughout the night.  Dogs boarding are given one on one care and playtime with their human friends.

50% holiday surcharge applies and on weekends and after 5PM surcharge of $5.


What You Need to Know About Boarding:

  • All of our dogs receive a Dog Care Log when they come to board with us. This allows all boarding employees to be kept up to date as to your dog’s current needs. Dogs are taken out a minimum of four times a day for constitutionals, and receive a minimum of two playtime sessions a day.
  • Many dogs, especially those staying with us for a few days or more, can become integrated into the day school and play all day. Others, either due to anxiety or if they exhibit challenging play with other dogs, will receive one on one time with a human and will play fetch, go on extra walks, or lounge around with us in the office if that is more their speed. All dogs will receive tons of affection and attention from the people who stay with them during the day, and overnight. You can request to see your dogs Dog Care Log at the end of his or her stay if you would like to see what they got up to while they were with us!
  • We always have someone spend the night at the facility in our boarding bedroom so that your dogs have a human friend close by if they get nervous or afraid during their stay. If you would prefer your dog stay out of the crate and with a person in the bed, give us a call and we can discuss if your dog is a good candidate for kennel­less boarding!
  • Feel free to give us a call at any point to discuss your dogs stay while you are away by calling 203­-890-­9100.  We try to keep our facebook feed active with pictures, videos, and anecdotes from your dog’s stay so that is another place you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of how your dogs is faring at our facility!
  • We offer pick up and drop off!  We pick up between 9­-11am on the day you are leaving, and drop off between 2­4pm on the day of your return (unless other arrangements are made).  If you would prefer to drop off and pick your dogs up, we prefer you arrive to drop off/pick up your dog between 8­10am and between 4­5pm. Please let us know when we can expect you!


Number Of Pets

Nightly Fee








Additional Pets

+ $10/night


*Please drop off pets before 11AM on first day to allow pets to play and acclimate so they
settle better. Only food is required. If you choose to use our House Kibble it is an extra $5/day

PLEASE note 50% surcharge for National Holiday Boarding

Boarding Reservations and Policies:

To make a reservation contact us at info@luckycomelearn.com
Payment in full is needed to reserve any boarding dates. We are very busy around holidays so do make arrangements and have payment confirmed as soon as you are able if you are considering having your dog stay with us over a holiday as we do have limited capacity for boarding.
Cancellation for full refund is available up until one week before the start date of your dog’s stay.
After that point, the deposit is forfeit.
Please make sure to scan and send your dogs up to date vaccination records to info@luckycomelearn.com before the date boarding starts. If we have not received them by the time your dog is to begin his or her stay we will need to cancel the boarding and unfortunately, you will lose your deposit.


*No charge for last day if you pick up your dog before 10 AM
**Please drop off pets before 11 AM on first day to allow pets to play and acclimate so they settle better. Only food is required. If you choose to use our House Kibble it is an extra $5 a day per dog.

Weekend pick up & drop off hours are 9:00 – 10:00 am AND 4:00 – 5:00 pm


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