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Interested in day school but can’t make the drive?  Lucky Come Learn offers pick up and drop off to your home in the Big Blue Bus! For an additional fee, your pet rides along with his or her pals to and from school with our friendly bus driver.  Click here to learn more.  


What Makes Lucky Come Learn Day School Different?

A+ Structured Environment:

Lucky Come Learn offers a structured learning environment for your pet to not only play in, but to also learn in.  Why send your dog somewhere where they interact day after day with the same dogs receiving little to no new stimulation?  At Lucky Come Learn, the class environment incorporates learning, and challenges your pet mentally as well as physically, thereby creating a happier, healthier, and more mentally agile pet! 


Indoor AND outdoor playtime:

We offer both indoor and outdoor play time, which means your dog gets to breathe fresh air and enjoy going to the bathroom in a more natural environment, which helps to reinforce potty training.  In the end, a pet that has access to the outdoors for an extended period of time each day helps to relieve stress and anxiety and means a healthier pet to come home to!


Amount Of Time


10 Pack

 20 Pack

 3 Day Special

1 Day

1/2 Day

Up to 6 hours





Full Day

Up to 12 hours





Trial Day

Up to 8 hours






        Pick up and Drop off Offered


We offer pick up and drop off for our busy clients who cannot get to the day care center to grab Fido themselves.  For an extra fee, your pup gets to ride along in our school bus with our licensed bus driver and get chauffeured home!


Happy Humans Means Happy Pets


We aren't just creating an amazing environment for your pets at Lucky Come Learn, we also aim to make it a nurturing, responsive, and community oriented environment for you as well as our employees.  Your family and your pet’s needs are tantamount at Lucky Come Learn.  We like to stay in touch with you via parent teacher conferences, one on one training with you and your pet to keep you up to speed on their new skills, and we also sponsor Lucky Come Learn community events at our space for you and your pet to attend.  


Nothing is possible without an amazing staff to help run our day school and ensure your pet is receiving the best care possible.  As such, we make a point to hire "pet people"- people who have shown a remarkable interest in and experience working with pets.  We aim to make the environment fun for everyone!  Our staff works to create arts and crafts, with a little help from your fur child, that can be sent home as remembrances and fodder for the front of the fridge so you get to brag about Fido to your friends!  

All this is in an effort to create a fun-filled, light-hearted environment that all can benefit from.

Please ask us about lower prices for monthly / quarterly prepay options.




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