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Interested in day school but can’t make the drive?  Lucky Come Learn offers pick up and drop off to your home in the Big Blue Bus! For an additional fee, your pet rides along with his or her pals to and from school with our friendly bus driver.  Click here to learn more.  

Dog Walk Options

For the busy pet parent, dog walks are a must.  Pets need to get outside not only to relieve themselves and be more comfortable, but to get exercise.  Daily walks break up the monotony of a long day alone, and the love they receive from our professional walkers will improve your pets overall happiness!  Studies have shown that dogs can do fine alone for 4-6 hours, but after that they can begin to become agitated and will, at times, become destructive, as well.  We have several options for walk length and prices depend on frequency of walks per week.




Single Session

10 Pack

20 Pack

15 Minute




25 Minute




40 Minute




60 Minute




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